CAREB-ACCER 2023 conference will be virtual


Thank you to all of our wonderful keynotes, presenters, and attendees for making this year’s CAREB-ACCER Virtual Annual Conference such an amazing experience.

You can still participate in the 2023 conference by watching the recordings (to be posted shortly!). If you have already registered, you will have access to the recordings already. If you did not register, you can access the recordings by registering on our website!

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About this year's conference

This year’s conference theme is Impact and Effect: Connecting to Community Through Research Ethics. The theme examines the role that relationships play within research, in particular the importance of connecting to communities to create research that has positive impacts within those communities and provides beneficial effects afterwards. The goal of the conference is to discuss ethical issues such as the importance of increasing community involvement, ensuring that communities benefit from research, sharing leadership roles, and sensitive topics such as data collection, information sharing, and data sovereignty.

A continuation of last year’s conference, we continue to recognize that research ethics practices require a shared accountability amongst research and research ethics practitioners who are accountable to the public, that includes those in which we do research with and about. Our conference will engage a wide audience of research ethics board members, administrators, researchers, funders, policy makers, and most importantly – community.

Connecting and building relationships through ethical pathways in research can be done at all levels, from individuals to nations, and our conference aims to continue our work of building those relationships. In particular, relationships between researchers, institutions, and those most impacted by research and ethical practices throughout Canada’s history and today – First Nations, Metis, Inuit, Black, 2SLGBTQ and other racialized and marginalized communities.

Conference attendees will acquire new skills and knowledge through a series of keynotes, workshops, and discussions aimed at enhancing their practices, building capacity, connecting them with research ethics frameworks that are grounded in community knowledge, and providing them with tools for the practical application such as connecting institutional and community based research ethics frameworks that have positive impacts and effects.

The conference program will highlight community based research and research ethics frameworks such as OCAP® and other Indigenous ethics, and equity, diversity and inclusion frameworks that speak to and enhance the TCPS2 principles with the goal of bringing to the forefront long withstanding ethics frameworks historically ignored in the space of Western research ethics and how they can contribute to the advancement of research ethics practice, including the review, conduct and oversight of human research.

Our conference will be delivered through a variety of virtual session formats including webcast, webinar, video conference and pre-recorded video to facilitate optimal attendee engagement and content accessibility. We will keep the presentations short, and plan to include poster presentations, more extended breakout sessions, and a variety of hands-on workshop sessions.

Tuesday to Thursday
June 6th to June 8th 2023

Conference Agenda
2023 CAREB Conference Agenda 5may2023.docx

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Important Dates

CAREB-ACCER’s Virtual Conference is no longer accepting proposal submissions. Thank you to those who submitted!

April 3-7, 2023 – Applicants are informed of the status of their submission by CAREB-ACCER Conference Planning Committee
April 15, 2023 – Deadline to confirm availability and complete the speaker agreement form for the conference.
May 1, 2023 – Deadline provide a copy of materials for translation.